LuxSphere - designer lighting

design in collaboration with ing. Dan Polakov,

LuxSphere  Collection

The LuxSphere light is the flagship product of the DT GLASS s.r.o. LuxSphere collection

  1. Power of soft design
  2. Detailed precision
  3. Exceptional quality

We offer two unique models 

  • Minimalist interior design is assured by the block model.
  • The cylindrical model is softer and suits a more frugal owner.

A wide variety of colours and tones

  • Create the light ambiance of your choice in your setting.

Very low energy consumption

  • State of the art electric technology.
  • Intense lighting with very low energy consumption.

We offer two basic models with distinct lighting systems:

  • Light-emitting diode (LED) strip.
  • Fluorescent tube.

This product is under the ownership of DT GLASS s.r.o., under industrial patent.

LED luminaire

  • A tenth of a cubic meter full of light.
  • Power consumption is less than 10 W.
  • Personal lighting control.
  • Relaxing environment created by the warm white lighting.
  • Brightness provided by the cold white lighting in an open area.

Fluorescent luminaire

  • A luxurious 1.5m light column.
  • Adjustable electronic ballast with power consumption of 60W.
  • Choice of hot or cold lighting.
  • Dimming option for interior.
  • Increased light option for full illumination.

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We took part in the Tendence 2010 exhibition, between the 9th and 12th of September 2010 at Vystaviste Praha – Holesovice

You can find more information about our success in "IN LIGHT" competition at itendence.

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