Glass gifts

Gifts made of glass have been a long time staple of DT GLASS s.r.o. Although not only known for its creation of glass gifts, a significant part of its overall production has been dedicated to this domain. The online shop at has allowed the company to become a leading manufacturer of these products in the Czech Republic. The new LuxSphere Collection section will be composed of a new line of highly exclusive and original products.

A beautiful flowering garden of gerberas in the living room is the dream of every woman.


Freely arrange 6 of our vases together with flowers. You may choose to leave some of the vases free, thus highlighting their delicate clear glass features.

You may order 6 vases that come in a white box for EUR 119,- including VAT. Costs for transport depends on destination and will be notified before confirmation of order.

Vase - 6 pieces

- size 170 x 170 x 295 [mm]
- shoulder diameter of 26 mm
- shoulder height: 170, 220, 250, or 295 [mm]
The shoulders form a continuous vase arrangement.



We took part in the Tendence 2010 exhibition, between the 9th and 12th of September 2010 at Vystaviste Praha – Holesovice

You can find more information about our success in "IN LIGHT" competition at itendence.

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