Fluorescent luminaire

Square Fluo

  • Designer interior lighting from the LuxSphere fluorescent collection.
  • Product takes the form of a luminous quadratic prism formed by rectangular borosilicate glass tube cross sections.
  • Tubes are anchored in a wooden base and solidified by stainless steel plates.
  • Structure is reinforced by four stainless steel bolts.
  • Light source is a fluorescent tube with an adjustable 230V ballast.
  • Customer can choose between different colours and tones of the fluorescent tubes.
  • 58W lighting is possible thanks to a low energy consumption ballast (c. 60W).
  • Dimensions are 1.55m x 0.26m x 0.26 m. Weight is 19 kg.
  • External dimmer button allows easy regulation for optimal lighting. Long press of the button increases or decreases the light intensity, short press of the button turns it on or off.
  • Light can be easily taken apart . Very easy maintenance and installation.



We took part in the Tendence 2010 exhibition, between the 9th and 12th of September 2010 at Vystaviste Praha – Holesovice

You can find more information about our success in "IN LIGHT" competition at itendence.

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