LuxSphere – The Power of Soft Design

What is LuxSphere?

The interior designer lighting products known as LuxSphere feature a unique design with a minimalist core. This luxurious collection, which harmonizes glass and light, is composed of a wide variety of exquisite glass tubes and bars. Their diversity is the key to the fantastic play of light. The overall design takes the form of a luminous glass pillar with a glistening metal finish. We offer two basic models with distinct lighting systems, be it fluorescent tube or light-emitting diode (LED) strip.

Exclusive lighting with square tubes from SCHOTT.

LED luminaire

  • Comes in various colours.
  • Low energy consumption (10W).
  • Dimming feature to reduce glare.
  • Countless lights create a magnificent interior atmosphere.

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Fluorescent luminaire

  • Comes in off-white variants.
  • Electric ballast with low energy consumption.
  • Button to optimize light settings.
  • Lines of light create effervescent allure.

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Why buy our LuxSphere lighting product?

  • Luxury modern interior lighting
  • Unique minimalist design
  • Dominant presence with delicate features
  • Harmonious blend of glass and light
  • Sublime gentle surprise

We took part in the Tendence 2010 exhibition, between the 9th and 12th of September 2010 at Vystaviste Praha – Holesovice

You can find more information about our success in "IN LIGHT" competition at itendence.